Sample Lullabies

The music featured in Angelsong Baby Sleep comes from lullaby collections by Mom’s Choice and Kid’s Music Award winning recording artist Amy Robbins-Wilson.  Her voice has been called “whispering to the soul”.  Click on any title below to find out why.

These three digital lullaby collections are available from Amazon and iTunes.

All Through the Night Angel Lullabies Cover Cover of lullaby collection Golden Slumbers - Celtic Lullabies Hush Little Baby Lullaby Collection cover


Here are some of the most common questions.  If you don’t see your answer here, email us a

How do I use the app to sing my baby to sleep?

When you get to the first page of the app, you’ll see two long buttons.  One says Sing My Baby to Sleep.   Touch this button.   Do you want to use a Night Light?  Then touch the night light button and choose a photo.  You can also upload a photo from you phone’s library if you want.  Some mom’s like the baby to see a picture of them when they go to sleep or wake up.

After you’ve made your night light selection, select your volume and the number of minutes the music will play.  The music will automatically go down in volume as it nears the end of the time limit.

If you’d like to set the baby alarm, just choose Wake Up Baby Gently.   This will show a pop up screen.  Select the time you want the baby to wake up and press set.  At the time you selected, the app will begin playing music very gently and then get louder over time.  When you’ve set the Wake Up Baby Gently time, press Set to store the wake up time and wake the baby for a bit.

How do I use the Wake My Baby lullaby alarm?

Just go to the main screen (you’ll see the Facebook logo at the top).  Then touch the Wake My Baby Gently button.  You’ll arrive on the Wake My Baby Gently screen.   Use the selector wheels to choose the time you would like your baby to begin waking up.  Keep in mind that the music will start very softly and get louder over the first 5 minutes of play.  The music will stop if you touch the Exit or Back buttons, the home button or after 30 minutes, whichever happens first.

If I want to add or delete a song or change the song order, how can I do it?

This is easy.   From the Sing My Baby to Sleep or Wake My Baby Gently screens, choose the Settings button at the bottom.  The playlist of that screen will appear.  You can choose the other playlist using the playlist selector buttons at the top.

To add music, choose the From Library button.  You will see a list of the other music you have in iTunes.  Scroll to the song you want and touch the plus key.  This will add this song to the bottom of the playlist.  If you don’t already own the music, you can buy it on iTunes first and then add it from you Library.

To delete a song, touch the Reorder Music button.  You will see a red circle with a minus sign on the left.  Touch the circle of the song you want to delete and answer yes in the confirmation popup and the song is gone!  Simple.

To reorder songs, use the drag and drop lines on the right side of the song title.  Just drag and drop the songs to where you want them.  Note:  These lines are very close to the list scrolling function that moves the whole list up and down.  If it seems stuck, try touching the left side of the drag and drop bars or moving the songs in the middle of the visible list.

A Reset button is also provided to set the list back to its original songs and order.



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